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The length of the course is 4 hours, consisting of 2 hours theoretical and 2 hours practical training.  In the practical part of the training the resuscitation methods, wound dressing and the defibrillator use is introduced. After the course participants will take a test and the persons completing the test successfully,  will receive a certification of participation. Both beginner and repetitive courses are available.
The course includes: recognition of the emergency, TRIAGE, call for help, ABCD’s of Energency Care, semi-automatic and automatic defibrillator use, first aid positions, wound dressing, airway management etc.
Before organizning the course we coordinate and agree with the employer on the number of first aidees for whom the practical training is intended. The training is conducted by practicing paramedic who introduce the following subjects with examples from real life:

  1. First Aid in general ; importance of First Aid, main information
  2. Healthcare organizations
  3. Locations and hazards
  4. Evaluation of the condition of patient/injured
  5. Evaluation of the consciousness
  6. Airway management
  7. Inhalation
  8. How to tend to the unconcious person
  9. Recovery position – also in practice
  10. Basic life support – also in practice
  11. Use of automatic defibrillator – also in practice
  12. Practice on training manikin, simulation of real situations: electric shock, limb fractures, choking, unconciousness, allergy etc.
  13. First Aid

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